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LightHouse: Shining Light, Bringing Hope to Trafficking Survivors

We serve our community in these ways:

1. Providing services and support to women exiting sex trafficking.

2. Operating JohnSchoolPBC, a diversion program for individuals arrested for prostitution in Palm Beach County.

3. Training healthcare providers to identify trafficking victims in the medical setting.

4. Providing employment to marginalized individuals at risk of being trafficked through LightHouse Treats – organic, non-GMO animal treats.

5. Educating the public and raising awareness of modern day slavery.

6. Linked with Sharing One Love PBC: a consortium of Palm Beach County stakeholders serving this population.

LightHouse’ Big Dream:

open an 8 bed safe house facility for trafficking survivors, providing an opportunity to rebuild their lives.

We have provided mental health counseling, career counseling, mentoring and trauma therapy for over 80 women to date, and sheltered 14 in a previous safe house program

Want to help STOP human trafficking but now sure how? Send us an email to: Becky@LightHousePBC.org

Watch LightHouse Founder Becky Dymond share her work and vision:
TBN show Joy In Our Town

WPTV Channel 5

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Learn 10 Things You Can Do to Help End Human Trafficking

Click here for resources and to learn more about human trafficking: what it is, how to recognize it, and what you can do to help.


Sharing One Love Palm Beach County

24 Hour National Human Trafficking Hotline: 1-888-373-7888