100 Children Saved from Trafficking in 3 Days

It was a huge, sweeping sting operations in Louisiana’s most notable city – New Orleans.  As a center for tourism, it shouldn’t have surprised anyone that New Orleans also had a dark side – a side that fed off tourists who might be a little more willing to break laws when they’re away from their hometown. Still, it’s a little shocking to hear of so many trafficking victims – so many children – being recovered in such a short amount of time, but that’s what happened, according to this news source. The FBI’s sting was a huge success – but Laura Murphy, founder of the New Orleans Human Trafficking Working Group, fears that this is just the tip of the iceberg.

There could be hundreds more kids that the sting didn’t rescue – and only God knows how many adult victims. An operation that took months of planning and probably relied on countless tips from insiders and observant outsiders alike did quite a bit to liberate a vast number of victims – but there are still so many left to be saved.

While we rejoice that those little ones have been delivered from a nightmare, let’s pray tonight for tourist towns like New Orleans, and for the children and adults who might be enslaved in them still tonight.