29 Million: More than at any other time in history

29 million. Well, I know that is a big number, actually it seems very big, but how big, I pondered as I sat there yesterday in the spanking new hot pink and sky blue Retro lobby of the Cabana Bay Beach Resort, Universal Studio’s newest massive hotel in Orlando, Florida.

29-MillionI wonder how many of these 29 million people could stay at this hotel? It sure seems like a huge hotel, considering they have another bus pulling up every 15 minutes to take travelers to Universal. 1800 rooms. OK, that means this entire place would have to fill up and empty and fill up again 16,000 times before all of these 29 million people get to experience this hot off the press, vintage, retro hotel! Whoa, that is a huge number! And 80% of these 29 million people are women and children so again if a packed football field, you know the one, all our men were staring at one of many just three days ago after stuffing themselves with turkey, if that field were packed with these women and children standing shoulder to shoulder, you could fit 6500 women and children on one football field so imagine 3569 football fields of all women and children and all of them are slaves. Yes, slaves. Today in the world we have 23, 200,000 women and children enslaved. That is more than all of the people in the great state of Texas! More than in any other time in our history. Stop. Read that again. No, really, read it again. There are more people enslaved today than at any other time in world history. Modern-day slavery is the FASTEST-GROWING criminal industry in the world, with profits of more than $32 billion- roughly the same as Exxon Mobil. Now that is not only a fact but a reality I can no longer just read and hit minimize and move on. Can you?

Each one of those women and children has a name: Kim, Abbey, Kate, Christy, Sharon. Sophia’s name means wisdom. Emma’s name means all-embracing; Olivia, kind one……