A League of Dangerous Women

A LEAGUE OF DANGEROUS WOMEN, by Mary Frances Bowley tells the stories of real women rescued, redeemed and restored by God through the ministry of Wellspring Living (THE WHITE UMBRELLA).  Friends I have shared this book with have been surprised at the hope and healing that God brought about in the lives of women from such diverse and wounded backgrounds.  I was surprised at how often I recognized my own story and the stories I have heard from others in these pages.  But this is more than a story of survivors; it is also the story of forty ordinary women who had the courage to act on what they believed God was calling them to do – to be dangerous for God and courageously reach out to women in need of His healing love.  I encourage you to read this book.  God has healing, a plan and a direction for each of us.  May we each take the chance to be dangerous for Him!