A Spirituality of Fundraising

A-Spirituality-of-FundraisingI hear you.  Spirituality and fundraising don’t appear to have much to do with each other.  But if I were to ask you what things were most important to you as a Christian, I’m sure one of them would be to become more like Jesus in your everyday life, in your actions and attitudes.  This book offers ways to do God’s will on earth that you might not have considered.

“Fundraising is not begging.”  Honestly, that simple statement threw me off balance.  Then what is fundraising?  According to Nouwen, it is inviting others to invest in our vision and mission, to share their God given resources (prayer, time, money) in this work God has called us to.  It is knowing the place of money in our lives and choosing where our security will come from.  It is having respect for all people, poor and rich.  Most importantly, it is working together to build a Kingdom community of love, to let something happen that is greater than any of us could do individually.

There are no lists, no steps or principles in this little book.  It is not a “how to” book.  It is a call to live as Kingdom people, growing more each day into the likeness of Jesus.