Annie Lobert, I Am Second

Here is something for you to check out on YouTube besides Grumpy Cat.  If you have seen, NEFARIOUS, you will recognize Annie Lobert as one of the survivors interviewed in Las Vegas.  She is hard to forget with her two-tone hair and lavender eyeshadow!  But I’m glad I happened across a testimony she gave for “I Am Second”.  Once again, I am humbled by the amazing healing and courage God makes available to us when we ask.  Annie did not come from the childhood, sexual abuse we see so often.  She was a strong-willed child.  She wanted attention, to be heard, to feel she was loved and important and when she didn’t get what she wanted, she rebelled and found herself in dark, desperate places.  Annie is a survivor of prostitution, cancer, drug addiction and heart attack!  More than a survivor, she is an overcomer, with a ministry to restore others who have been in the life.  Annie Lobert is a dangerous woman!  Dangerous for God and working to bring His Kingdom to earth!

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