christ-kitchenWife of a doctor, with Masters degrees in public health and counseling and a Doctorate of Ministry, I would expect to find Jan Martinez having lunch with her friends at an upscale restaurant.  Instead, she is at Christ Kitchen in the poorest section of Spokane, Washington, living life in the trenches with desperate and disenfranchised women.  Jan founded Christ Kitchen in 1998, as a job-training and Christian mentoring program for low income women.

Be prepared to be challenged!  By Jesus’ example in his school of discipleship, by statistics, by personal stories, by your own ideas and definitions of poverty and by the story of Jan Martinez.  Like most of the women she serves at Christ Kitchen, Jan found Jesus through her own experience of trauma and desperation when rape destroyed her illusion that she was in control of her life.  “Suffering is a great equalizer,” she writes, “teaching me lessons I am learning (at Christ Kitchen).  The Lord’s equal-opportunity grace and all-inclusive Word is what every women, regardless of her place . . . craves.”


Jesus admonishes us to “count the cost” of following him.  Christ Kitchen lays out clearly the cost – and the reward!