The Dark Side of Chocolate

The Dark Side of Chocolate coverMiki Mistrati produced this documentary investigating the usage of child labor and trafficking in the production of chocolate.

Starting with German chocolate vendors who demonstrate studious ignorance of modern day slavery, he travels to Mali – where many of the child slaves come from – and then to the Ivory Coast – the home of chocolate plantations that produce most of the world’s cocoa beans.

He explores various segments of the industry there – from a local plantation, to cocoa bean buyers, traders and the governmental agencies involved in the industry.

He utilizes hidden cameras for some of the filming in view of other investigators who have disappeared while trying to capture this story before him.

He attempts to show the film to chocolate industry executives in Europe – unsuccesfully. He resorts to screening the film over the perimeter fence of Nestle’s Switzerland headquarters – but is very quickly required to “shut it down” by police who were obviously summoned by Nestle executives.