In Our Backyard

A Christian Perspective on Human Trafficking in the United States

by Nita Belles

In Our BackyardNita Belles is a former Associate Pastor with a Master’s Degree in Theology but this book is written from the perspective of a wife and mother from a small town in Oregon.  She never intended to become an abolitionist until human trafficking came to her backyard in 2006.  Then, strengthened by her faith in God, she began to educate herself and take action.  IN OUR BACKYARD, is the perfect book to use as a basic primer on human trafficking, modern day slavery.  It contains all of the important facts and figures, background stories and answers to the questions of how and why human trafficking takes place in a factual but hopeful way.  The chapters are short and set up for group study with discussion questions at the end of each chapter.  While there is a warning that this book contains mature subject matter (and all books on human trafficking do!), I believe it would be useful for high school students and older, to bring awareness coupled with Godly truth.  All in all, a good read on a difficult subject.  Well worth your time, especially in a group setting.