NEFARIOUS, Merchant of Souls

DVD produced by

Benjamin Nolot and Exodus Cry


This film is a comprehensive documentary of modern sex trafficking across four continents with interviews of people involved in the trade and government as well as recovery and restoration efforts.  While money is always the underlying motive, it is eye opening to see how differently that is played out across diverse cultures.

Of all the films I have reviewed on this topic, this one is the most hopeful. As they explore each story – an individual impacted by trafficking – they also bring it to resolution, and show how this person escaped and their progress towards healing and restoration. At the end, they even show a trafficker, who was able to recognize the perversity of his own actions and leave the lifestyle.

Nefarious discusses why legalization of prostitution fails to solve the problem and explores policies that have been effective.  This film offers “the rest of the story” that is an important piece in understanding this problem on an international level.

“You may chose not to act but you can never again say you did not know.”  William Wilburforce, abolitionist in the 1600’s