Not Marked

not markedMy favorite quote from this book is:“The most important story you will ever tell about yourself is the story you tell to yourself.” 

Brilliant!! So very true!! As a therapist, helping people to shift their self-perception is a critical piece in moving beyond trauma, beyond self-hatred,  beyond victim mentality, and into a more adaptive present – and ultimately – a hopeful and productive future!

This is an amazing book!! It is tender, compassionate and inspiring. In sharing her story – of early childhood sexual abuse – Mary also shares her hard won insights and personal stepping stones to healing.  It all started with a blog entitled: The Sexy Wife I Can’t Be.

This blog explores the repercussions of sexual abuse in her marriage. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything written addressing this aspect specifically – but Mary does a very good job of exploring this difficult and personally painful topic. The coolest thing? Her husband, Patrick, contributes a piece at the end of each chapter from his perspective, sharing insights he has gained in their relational journey.

Of course, nothing is absolute when it comes to healing – as everyone’s passage is uniquely orchestrated by Abba. But there are principles that seem to hold true for everyone, while the specific details and nuances are tailored to fit. These are the nuggets andinsights articulated in Not Marked that make the text rich and engaging.
highly recommend this book for anyone who has suffered sexual abuse or molestation, and for spouses married to someone with this history.