Pimpology: The 48 Rules of the Game

pimpologyPimpology: The 48 Rules of the Game, Pimpin’ Ken & Karen Hunter, Simon Spotlight Entertainment: New York, 2007

This may be the only book review you will ever read that starts with an obloquy (harsh or critical statement, from Miriam-Webster Online Dictionary). I don’t recommend this book. It is a study in clinical narcissism that takes egocentrism, manipulation, fraud to a sad and dispiriting level. I will share all the relevant information and worthwhile quotes I gained from the book – and save you the trouble.

The best thing I can say about Pimpology is that is was a fast read. Of course, that was part of my strategy as well: “Get in and get out, ASAP.”

As a therapist working with survivors, the book confirmed some theories I had developed along the way, it dislodged a few of the same, and added a new depth of understanding of the “game” of manipulation and control that pimps utilize in their domination and subversion of their prey. Make no mistake about it: Pimps are consummate predators that feed on others’ life blood. It makes no difference as to who or what they are pimping: from women, to each other, to the business deal they are negotiating with loopholes and caveats that create advantage for them and undermine their associates.

I will share a the titled tabs I created to find key topics quickly:

Dependency: The pimp has to create a dependency on him in the victim. These are either manufactured by him1 or a factor of the victim’s sense powerlessness or helplessness2.  1. He will assume responsibility to keep her safe on the mean streets, even though he is actually powerless to do this. 2. She doesn’t feel capable of providing for herself – so she allows him to do this for her, even though the trade-off is her physical safety, body and personal freedom.

Exploiting weaknesses: “Most hoes [sic] have low self-esteem for a reason. A pimp looks for the weakness, and if it isn’t on the surface, he brings that m—–f—– out of them. It doesn’t matter to a pimp what hoes’ weaknesses are, so long as they have them. Then he uses those weaknesses to his advantage” p. 22.

Mind games: “Dirty Red [his first victim] let me in on some trade secrets that I took and ran with. Who better to teach now to pimp a ho that a veteran ho herself? She really taught me that this game is won between the ears, not between the legs. It’s not about f——, it’s about f—— with the mind” p 37.

Manipulation, 1: “It’s importantthat a ho doesn’t feel like she’s ho’ing [sic] for nothing. She has to constantly have an incentive, a carrot dangled in front of her face. A pimp has to keep her distracted with the things she thinks she wants, and he has to constantly fill her head with more and more things for her to want” p 62.

Manipulation, 2: “A bottom bitch is important to a pimp’s success… Because a bottom bitch it so important to a pimp’s game, he has to watch her carefully. As soon as he sees a glimpse of her being disgruntled, he has to hand over her walking papers. So that he can replace her when the comes, it’s also important to keep a bottom bith0in-waiting” p 66.

Manipulation, 3: “When people tell you what they think and what makes them tick, it’s to your advantage to learn as much as you possibly can. Ask them what their dreams are, and really listen to their answers. Then you can use that information to make your [italics in original text] dreams come true” p 78.

Off Balance: He explains the strategy of keeping a victim off balance by moving them repeatedly. This facilitates the manipulation and control a pimp needs by depriving the victims of the familiar, as well as friends and family that give them a refuge.

Competition and distrust: “It is to a pimp’s advantage to play one ho against the next… You don’t want them to be friends. You want them to distrust and dislike one another so that you end up controlling them all” p 109.

Ultimately, the book is about quintessential and unadulterated egocentrism, self promotion and mercenary greed. I thought I was pretty skilled and experienced in selfishness, but it turns out I am an amateur… which is fine by me.