by Katariina Rosenblatt, PhD

Stolen coverNo one can tell the true story of the continuing, debilitating effects of minor-aged sex trafficking better than a survivor, but this book is much more than another survivor’s story.  It gives the reader a look into the mind and heart of a vulnerable thirteen year old girl.  Without big words, complicated psychology or graphic description, Katariina explains why and how children become victims.  She gives an excellent description of how traffickers lure and hold onto their “prey”, and how the cycle of abuse is carried forward through a woman’s life, even after she has escaped her traffickers.

Some of the most significant vulnerability factors that lead to the recruitment of American children into sexual slavery are:


*abuse within the home, which normalizes that type of maltreatment

*economic disadvantages, such as coming from a single-parent home

*exposure to drugs and alcohol in the home, which makes that lifestyle seem normal

*seeking a father figure to fill a “daddy hole”

Traffickers seek to exploit a child’s legitimate need for love and protection.


This is also a story of the redeeming power of a seed planted at a Billy Graham crusade and a loving Heavenly Father, who never leaves us.  Again and again, God acts in Katariina’s life to protect her and move her toward the life He had planned for her.

I wonder how it might have changed my life if someone had given me this book when I was thirteen and thought I was the only lonely, needy person in the world?  I wonder how I would have felt if someone had been willing to discuss this book with me, to be a safe friend?  Maybe a part of you is still very young and has never been able to fill that “daddy hole”.  This book could be the beginning of your healing.