The Johns: Sex For Sale & the Men Who Buy It

the johns, 08.2013The Johns: Sex For Sale & the Men Who Buy It, by Victor Malarek

This book was a difficult read, for a number of reasons. However, it is also a very important subject, since sex trafficking is driven entirely by demand. 

Malarek is an investigative journalist. He states the obvious by saying, “Men are the drivers behind prostitution. Their urges are at the core of the explosion of the global sex trade and the reason hundreds of thousands of women and girls are trafficked into sexual slavery every year.”

Malarek also has chapters on sex tourism, predator Johns, John schools, and the effectiveness of the Swedish model of criminalizing solicitation, decriminalizing prostitution.

I highly recommend this book, even though the content is disturbing. Malarek, as a man, does a very even job exploring this topic without digressing into polemics or hatred. To purchase the book, click on this link to Amazon.

Excerpts from the cover leaf of The Johns: Sex For Sale And The Men Who Buy It is in the column to the right.