The Redemption of Mr. Madam

The Redemption of Mr. Madam

by John Pace


The Redemption of Mr. Madam coverAt the 2014 Trafficking In America Conference, John Pace was one of the bright spots. A strategic thinker, and marketing professional, his insight on sex trafficking and effective ways to combat it was practical and encouraging.

First, he spoke about organized crime’s strategic plan to shift prostitution away from something dirty to the wholesome image of the “girl next door.” Hiring some of the best minds in advertising, a calculated effort was made to “normalize” prostitution: presenting it in a positive light in everything from music and movies to novels and pop culture. These efforts paid off, seen in the glorification of the pimp culture, misogynistic music, and the popular “bad boy/bad girl” images. That is the bad news.

The good news is that because of his experience in marketing and promotion, John had excellent ideas on how to utilize these to affect a shift in our culture. By normalizing prostitution, the mafia had in effect targeted middle class sisters, peers, and moms. By raising awareness, he proposed to harness the collective power of this “silent majority” to push back. He is working to find sponsors and create marketing to do this very thing.

His ideas were encouraging because they sounded feasible, and they generated hope – which is in short supply at a conference on this topic.

The Redemption of Mr. Madam is a two volume book that tracks John Pace’s descent from upright businessman to the proprietor of “The Mansion” a very high dollar escort service.  When his multi-million dollar business went down in flames with the Twin Towers on 9-11, his desperation for money to fund his affluent lifestyle lead him to enter the dark world of sexual exploitation of broken men and women.

The books trace the distorted rationales, and splintered and tormented lives of the characters, including his own. Ultimately, the roots of faith from his childhood home draw him back to reality and precipitate a 180: “I will not contribute to prostitution – or get rewarded by prostitution ever again.” From that time forward he has put his energies towards using his experience and influence to change our culture for the good.