What I Wish My Mother Told Me About Men

What I Wish My Mother Had Told Me About Men
By Julie Gorman

What I Wish My Mother Told Me About Men coverThis book was written to unveil the powerful mystery of how God intended for us as women to understand and celebrate men. It is an in-depth personal study guide filled with insight and experience. Drawing from her own experience of early childhood sexual abuse, promiscuity and a failed marriage, Julie shares her own missteps and personal growth along with many other women’s stories as well. Though her marriage to Greg started out rocky, the truths and insights shared in the book serve as milestones towards the healthy marriage they now have.

One of my favorite lessons was in Chapter 5: “I Can Change Him”. Julie discusses how only God can change someone’s soul. This job is reserved for the Holy Spirit. When we, as humans, try to change a man’s heart it leads to either concession or contempt. I completely understand this, as I have made this error many times myself.

Each chapter invites you to think more deeply about key topics divided into two categories: “Lies We Believe” and “Truths We Need”. Purchasing the book from her website, JulieGorman.com, twelve complimentary study videos are available for individual or study group use. Julie writes, “Change cannot happen without work or without soaking up God’s knowledge.” Reading this book brings a sense of clarity and freedom from common deceptions that interfere with God’s plan for healthy marriages.