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Hepzibah House offers Recovery, Restoration and Release from the nightmare of human trafficking.

We are a faith-based organization serving our community in these ways:

1. Providing service and support to women exiting sex trafficking.

2. Educating the public and raising awareness of modern day slavery.

3. Operating a Buyers’ and Sellers’ school for individuals arrested for prostitution in Palm Beach County.

4. Training healthcare providers to identify trafficking victims in the medical setting.

5. Linking with HorseWorkPBC to provide equestrian facilitated psychotherapy to trafficking survivors.

6. Working to create a consortium of Palm Beach County stakeholders to serve this population.

Hepzibah House has sheltered 14 women, provided mental health counseling, career counseling, mentoring and trauma therapy for over 60 women. We have worked to raise awareness in venues such as college nursing programs, law enforcement training academies, civic organizations, churches, and schools.

Our hope is to see human trafficking survivors restored physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Want to help STOP human trafficking but not sure how? Send us an email to: info@hepzibahhouse.org

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Hepzibah House, serving under HorseWorkPBC, Inc, EIN: 83-3661166

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24 Hour National Human Trafficking Hotline: 1-888-373-7888