How It Happens – Traffickers use a variety of methods to procure victims. One of those ways is recruiting:

1) Con Artists
The most common is a scam involving the promise of work. Thousands of young women fall victim to con artists who advertise as legitimate employers offering careers like cocktail waitresses, dancers, singers, and masseuses. Most frequently, these “jobs” are supposedly located in desirable, populous cities and countries to appear legitimate.

2) Kidnapping
Others are simply kidnapped off the streets. Kidnapping is becoming increasingly common in many neighborhoods, not just poor or dangerous ones.

3) Sold by Family
Some victims are sold by family members or others who have legal or physical control over them in payment of a debt or as a way to make enough money for the family to survive.Frequently, these types of victims are sold “blind,” meaning that no one knows what kind of work or servitude they will be engaged in.