Trafficking Encouraged in Tenancingo


Guest Post by Francisco Carreño


Could There Be a Town of Pimps?

Sadly, the answer could be yes. In Mexico, there is a town, 80 miles from the capital,

with 10,000 habitants that is a strong candidate. In Tenancingo, there are families where the

grandfather, father and son are all engaged in trafficking. They pass down the “tricks of the

trade” as they say. The boys in town have the perception that becoming a trafficker is easy

money, it’s not punished, and it’s easy to do.

Last year, 32 sex traffickers were arrested in New York.  26 of them were from

Tenancingo. They woo rural women waiting at bus stops or taking Sunday strolls in the park.

Once the women are seduced, they are coerced into prostitution. Many of them end up in Queens

where they have up to 35 client a day. Traffickers make about $100,000 a year by means of these

mexican sex slaves.


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