Volunteer Information

Interested in becoming a Hepzibah House Volunteer?

Welcome to Hepzibah House and our mission of Recovery, Restoration and Release from the nightmare of human trafficking. Our work is so much more than ordinary volunteer work! We are partnering with Father, Son and Holy Spirit in the family business of reconciliation. Our work is in helping survivors of commercial sexual exploitation and sex trafficking to:

Recover their lives from powerlessness, helplessness and hopelessness.

Restore dignity, identity, and destiny.

Release into a life of purpose, productivity and independence.

We are excited for you to join us in this call to bring love and hope to those whose lives have been so impacted by the brokenness and sin-sickness of the world we live in. It will not take long for you to realize that your life will be changed as you witness Hepzibah Daughters grow and take steps to discover the grace and potential God has for their lives.

We welcome you to the most rewarding journey of building a brighter future for survivors of sex trafficking! Congratulations on joining our amazing team. We are excited to start serving with you.

TOGETHER– we will see lives changed!

Becky Dymond
Founder & President
MS Counseling Psychology, LMHC
Qualified Supervisor

Areas of Volunteerism and Opportunities

Volunteers are needed in ALL areas of Hepzibah House’s operations. Every role adds value and vital assistance in the rebuilding of Hepzibah Daughters’ lives. We invite you to invest in opportunities within these areas of volunteerism that fit your skills and interest.

Academic Mentors – Volunteers come along side Hepzibah Daughters to help them assess educational objectives and prepare for GED exams. **Requires Basic Training, Back Ground Check, and liability waiver.

Administrative Assistants – Help program staff make life-change possible by assisting with program operations. **Requires Back Ground Check, and liability waiver.

Bridge Builder – Serve as a link to community resources, i.e. apprenticeships/internship opportunities, career opportunities, field experiences, obtaining in-kind needs. **Requires Back Ground Check, and liability waiver.

Career Readiness Mentor – Help Hepzibah Daughters prepare for job search and encouraging them through the process. **Requires Basic Training, Back Ground Check, and liability waiver.

Drivers – Provide transportation for Hepzibah Daughters to get to job interviews, meetings or off-site appointments. **Requires Basic Training, Back Ground Check, liability waiver and no moving violations for the past two years.

Event Assistants – Assist Hepzibah House staff with planning and event related activities, such as decorating, set-up, facilitating event registration, managing food, overseeing activities and stewarding event guests. **Requires liability waiver

Freedom Circle Champions – Organize and host a group of individuals interested in the issue of human trafficking and modern-day slavery to come to a presentation. **Requires liability waiver

Life Skill Facilitators – Help participants gain critical life skills enabling them to be more successful when transitioning into everyday life and work. **Requires Basic Training, Back Ground Check, and liability waiver.

Prayer Partners – Provide active prayer support either through joining our weekly e-list or by organizing a group to pray and intercede for Hepzibah House Daughters, staff, volunteers, speaking engagements, protection, and provision. **Requires liability waiver

Source Suppliers – Raise in-kind donations for our programs such as clothing, toiletries, lunch/dinner outings, educational field trips, birthday parties or graduations. **Requires liability waiver

Study Group Leaders – Gather a small group of interested individuals to organize and lead a book study on one of the books listed in the bibliography at the end of this manual. **Requires liability waiver

Zibah Treats Program – This program is a small business bringing volunteers to work alongside Hepzibah Daughters, producing high quality, organic animal treats. Product sales allow us to offer paid fellowships to survivors and also support the restoration work that is our mission at Hepzibah House. There are several volunteer positions available in this program:

Mentor – Requires Basic Training, Back Ground Check, and liability waiver.

Sales and Distribution Representative – Requires Back Ground Check, and liability waiver.

Bookkeeper – requires some experience with bookkeeping and Quick Books Program. Requires Back Ground Check, and liability waiver.


Volunteer Registration Process

The registration process is the same for every new volunteer who wishes to serve on an ongoing basis. For this reason, all new volunteers are required to register for opportunities using the website application. This requirement also applies to court-ordered and school-based community service volunteers, including students and interns.

The application is found online at our website at www.HepzibahHouse.org under “Volunteering.” Print the form, fill it out, and mail it to Hepzibah House, 1530 W. Boynton Beach Blvd, #3863, Boynton Beach, FL 33424 or email to : Francy@hepzibahhouse.org

Breakdown of the process for Individual Volunteers:

  • Submit the application
  • Applications are received and processed within 48 hours of submission
  • Volunteers are registered for the our video training series and will receive a volunteer training manual and packet
  • Volunteers will submit a “Volunteering Proposal” following the guidelines explained in the training
  • Once the proposal has been reviewed and approved, volunteers are required to submit a background check through Verified Volunteers

If interested, please fill out our Volunteer Application