Mission Statement

Mission Statement
Hepzibah House: Recovery, Restoration and Release from the nightmare of human trafficking.

Company Vision
Hepzibah House has a two-fold objective:

  1. A safe house and multi-faceted residential treatment facility for women who have been freed from human trafficking.
  2. Raise awareness of modern day slavery in order to prevent our youth and other vulnerable populations from being tricked, trapped and exploited.

Goals and Objectives
Hepzibah House is dedicated to:

  • ┬áProviding a safe residential treatment house for women who have been freed from human trafficking.
  • Instilling hope and a future by guiding women to recognize their beauty and worth;
  • Providing necessary resources for healing, including meeting physical needs as well as spiritual, emotional, and mental needs through a highly trained therapeutic team;
  • Creating and maintaining a team of counselors and volunteers who are passionate and equipped to participate in the healing and redemptive process;
  • Managing and operating micro-businesses to provide productive activities building life and job skills for Hepzibah House Daughters;
  • Partnering with the local community by recruiting mentors and establishing internships with local businesses; and marketing opportunities for the goods produced on site;
  • Providing career counseling, educational opportunities, and job placement;
  • Establishing a transitional living network and services.
  • Raising awareness through speaking engagements in schools, universities, colleges, churches and other public forms.